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Welcome to our comprehensive services page, where we offer a range of transformative treatments tailored to enhance your well-being. With expertise in laser lipolysis, chiropractic care, and body contouring, we provide a holistic approach to help you achieve your desired results.

Nutritional Weight Loss And Wellness Packages

Embark on a transformative journey towards optimal health with our Nutritional Weight Loss and Wellness Packages. Each package is tailored to your unique needs, providing personalized nutrition plans that guarantee visible results, helping you shed inches and achieve your desired weight. But it doesn’t stop there – we go beyond the numbers, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to sustain your weight loss in the long run. Our expert team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, making your wellness goals attainable and ensuring a healthier, happier you.Our personalized nutrition plans are carefully crafted based on your unique needs, ensuring a balanced approach to achieve your weight loss goals while fostering healthy eating habits. Our expert team provides constant support and adjustments to the plan, helping you not only shed inches but also improve your overall well-being and energy levels. Beyond the program, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to sustain your newfound healthier lifestyle for a happier, more fulfilling life.

Slim young woman measuring her thin waist with a tape measure, close up
Scoliosis Spine Curve Anatomy, Posture Correction.

Chiropractic Services

In our chiropractic care services, we leverage over 20 years of experience to address a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and promote optimal wellness. Our highly skilled chiropractors employ a range of techniques, including manual adjustments, spinal manipulations, and therapeutic modalities, to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and restore balance to your body. By focusing on the spine’s alignment and optimizing the body’s natural healing abilities, we strive to provide effective and long-lasting relief. Whether you are seeking relief from back pain, neck discomfort, joint issues, or overall wellness enhancement, our dedicated team will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Red light Therapy and Body Contouring

Our laser lipo services utilize modern techniques and cutting-edge technology to effectively target and remove stubborn fat deposits, allowing you to contour your body and achieve a more sculpted appearance. Our experienced professionals combine their deep knowledge and skill with the latest advancements in laser technology to ensure precise and remarkable outcomes. By harnessing the power of laser energy, we can selectively dissolve and eliminate unwanted fat cells, promoting a smoother, more contoured physique. Rest assured that your safety and comfort are our top priorities, and we adhere to stringent safety protocols throughout the process.


 When it comes to body contouring, we offer a comprehensive selection of innovative procedures designed to refine your figure and enhance your natural contours. Our team understands that each individual’s body is unique, which is why we provide a range of options to suit your specific goals and preferences. If you’re struggling to lose weight or you have been on the never ending yo yo diet- Laser Lipo and Nutrition is here to help. This will be the last time you’ll ever have to lose weight again. We pride ourselves in helping our clients create a new healthy lifestyle through nutritional counseling and customize a plan that works for you and your body.  Are you looking for a quick, long-term, and healthy solution?  Look no further than Laser Lipo and Nutrition. We offer the most effective weight loss programs all without surgery, needles, drugs, or downtime.

Our team of doctors and nutritional specialists have a perfect solution to fit your needs through cold laser light therapy, natural supplements, and nutritional support. Here at Laser Lipo and Nutrition, we are dedicated to helping you look and feel you’re absolute best. Call Today to schedule a free computerized body analysis.  Our goal is to make a positive difference in the health of our patients but give you and teach you the tools to keep off the weight for good

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a treatment that uses low wavelength red light to reportedly improve your skin’s appearance, such as reducing wrinkles, scars, redness and acne. It’s also touted to treat other medical conditions such as wound healing and tissue repair; reduce pain and inflammation; improve psoriasis, rosacea and eczema; improve scars; improve sun-damaged skin; reduce stretch marks; reduce wrinkles, fine lines and age spots; and improve facial texture.

It’s important to note that while there is a lot of ongoing research on the effectiveness of red light therapy for all types of health uses, the full effectiveness of red light therapy has yet to be determined

Targeted areas in Red Light Therapy

​​​​​​​• Upper/Lower Abs
• Obliques
• Arms
• Upper/Lower Back
• Inner/Outer Thighs
• Hips
• Buttocks
• Face & Neck
• Weight Loss Anti-Aging
• Improving your Overall Health
• Body Slimming
• Contouring
• Cellulite Reduction
• Skin Tightening
• Collagen Growth
• Skin Cell Renewal
• Improved Circulation

There are NO Needles, NO Pain, NO Bruising, NO Downtime, NO Surgery.

Our Commitment to Satisfaction

At our esteemed clinic, we hold the firm belief that personalized care and unwavering attention to detail are paramount in delivering exceptional outcomes. We take the time to genuinely understand your individual concerns, aspirations, and expectations, recognizing that each person’s journey is distinctive. Our dedicated team is committed to creating a treatment experience that is exclusively tailored to your specific needs, crafting a customized plan that considers your unique circumstances, preferences, and goals.

From the moment you step through our doors, you can expect a warm and compassionate environment where you are the focus of our attention. We place great importance on actively listening to your needs, ensuring that we grasp the nuances of your situation and work collaboratively to develop an effective treatment strategy. Our experienced professionals possess an intricate understanding of the complexities of the human body, allowing us to formulate a comprehensive plan that addresses your concerns with precision and expertise.

Woman receiving leg massage from physiotherapist in clinic

We invite you to explore our comprehensive services and discover how we can help you transform your body and elevate your overall well-being. Take the first step towards a healthier, more confident you by scheduling a consultation with our experienced team. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey, unlocking your body’s full potential and empowering you to embrace a healthier, happier life. !